Who will read my new book?

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A tale of love and loss, betrayal and treachery, with an added element of mystery.
That is a summary of The Amazon’s Girdle, which is now being prepared for publication.

But who are your readers? I keep being asked.
People like me, I tend to reply. I wrote a book that I would probably enjoy reading, so imagined other people might enjoy reading it too.

So just WHO are the people like you? I am asked.  People who read books, I say. Good books. You know. Good reads.

Alas, this appears not to be an adequate answer.

Apparently I should have decided specifically WHO will want to read my book, WHERE such special people hang out, and WHY they should bother to order the extraordinarily low-priced paperback – or even the Kindle version – which will soon be available.

Not being experienced at, or even very good at, selling my own work, I turned to the Marketing Experts who throng the internet. They are all, without exception, devoted to helping new authors on the scene find lots of readers and make a fortune. Wonderful, generous people all. I was all set to follow their advice.

But now I discover I have started all wrong. I have learned that an aspiring author who writes a novel because she wants to write that particular novel, because it feels right, is committing an ERROR. A sensible author, I am told, decides on a genre before writing one word and sticks to it.

Oh dear. I have been thinking about The Amazon’s Girdle for years. The story came to me out of the blue, and then I worked at it periodically as the characters developed in my mind. So not a lot of planning…

Now it seems I have a book which doesn’t fit any genre neatly. In fact, it appears to cross several genres: a love story that goes terribly wrong, so perhaps contemporary women’s fiction rather than romance; a teenager who discovers her life has been based on a lie and has to find a way of living with the truth, so perhaps Young Adult (YA); and a mystery, with a suggestion of murder, so, yes, mystery.

Which has posed somewhat of a quandary: today I passed the paperback version as ready for sale and couldn’t decide where on the fiction shelves it should appear.

So, Beloved Readers, I’d love to have your help! In a separate blog, I shall post the blurb for you to examine, and if the book sounds at all appealing, then be brave and order it. Please. The Kindle Version is to be available very soon (yet more technology for me to get my head around, but I promise not to sleep until I’ve mastered it).

And then, if you like it, please let me know WHO you are, WHERE you look for a new book, and WHY. That will mean next time I shall know who my readers are!

About Elizabeth Mapstone

Author of novels, short stories, a self-help book that really works and a serious work on the psychology of argument. Former psychotherapist, now retired and writing fiction.
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