Never too late? I’m still hoping…

My last blog was not my most successful. I had no sooner announced the forthcoming appearance of Novel Number 2 (The Porcupine’s Dilemma) – and promises of exciting plans for its promotion – than I ended up in hospital yet again. This time with a major stroke. It appears I am lucky to be alive.

Hmmm. Not a successful start to the life of a Great New Novel.

Unluckily, I am still not entirely as I would like to be, though thanks to modern medicines and the wonderful skills of my doctors, I improve every day. By May, I hope to be reasonably normal. At any rate, restored enough to be able to restart the process of publication.

Somewhat embarrassing. My lovely book was actually published – in theory – on 10th October 2016. But I was incapacitated, and naturally, everything stopped. Blackwell’s, who were going to hold the launch, cancelled. So did the publicity people. Most people – including me, I may add – expected improvements pretty soon, and so everything just waited. And waited. And waited.

Not one of my success stories.

It is rather a good book, though, so I’d like to publish soon. Such a waste to write a book, and then to see it die for want of publicity. So very soon, I shall announce plans to continue the publication process.


About Elizabeth Mapstone

Author of novels, short stories, a self-help book that really works and a serious work on the psychology of argument. Former psychotherapist, now retired and writing fiction.
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2 Responses to Never too late? I’m still hoping…

  1. Lise Roberts says:

    So glad to see you back again. Looking forward very much to the launch of The Porcupine’s Dilemma! đŸ™‚


  2. Dave Wilcox says:

    Hi Elizabeth: Well despite your mishaps, Porcupine’s Dilemma must at least be “slightly” launched, as I have my lovely glossy copy from Amazon, and a fine book it is too. Very real. You’ve embraced a difficult subject and tackled it with sympathy, insight and humour. And I can picture the setting very well.

    You must get back to full-strength soon, as you thoroughly deserve the fun of a full-scale launch.


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