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Author of novels, short stories, a self-help book that really works and a serious work on the psychology of argument. Former psychotherapist, now retired and writing fiction.

More on ‘quiet novels’

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More on ‘quiet novels’

Last July, I posted a blog bemoaning the fact that agents (and presumably publishers) are so reluctant to ‘take a risk’ on what they call ‘quiet psychological novels’. And lo, three months later I discover author Stephanie Butland blogging “In … Continue reading

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Truth and literary fiction?

Today, as I waded through a flood of emails from Books and Writers Groups, I stumbled upon a contribution I’d like to share with you. On a Linked-In discussion group,  Jamaluddin Jamali, wrote: “A ‘Literary Romance’ Shows the Mind of … Continue reading

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Calling other writers of A Certain Age

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Back to the Fray…

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Back to the Fray…

More than a month now since I took time off for reflection, and long enough to realize I shall be impossible to live with if I don’t write those other **!?** novels cavorting in my head. It’s an odd situation, … Continue reading

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Time for Reflection

Time now for a break from my current obsession with The Amazon’s Girdle. Almost all the reviews I’ve seen are five star, which is wonderful, and I am so grateful to everyone who posted on amazon’s website, or on Goodreads. … Continue reading

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