Publication List


  • Creativity: Listen to your body clock. In MsLexia, 21, April 2004.
  • Creativity: Tune into your monthly cycle. In MsLexia, 22, July 2004
  • Creativity: How to access the unconscious. In MsLexia, 23, October 2004.
  • Creativity: Become a therapist for your characters. In MsLexia, 24, January 2005.
  • Discover the power of pleasure! In Woman & Home, August 2003
  • Play time at work. In Sybil, 1, March 1998
  • Call for new Ursinological Studies. In Oxford: the journal of the Oxford Society. November 1999.

Books (psychology):

  • War of Words: Women and Men Arguing. London: Chatto & Windus. (1999, Vintage paperback)
  • Warum Maenner und Frauen sich nicht Verstehen. Munich, 1998: Lichtenberg.
  • Stop Dreaming, Start Living. London: Vermilion, 2004.
  • Changez votre vie! Un programme unique pour vivre pleinement vos reves. Editions Caractere 2005.
  • Traumst du noch oder lebst du schon? Ehrenwirth, 2005
  • Geniet van het leven: En maak je dromen waar. The House of Books, Antwerp, 2004

Consultant co-writer:

McGaw, S., Beckley, K., Connolly, N. & Ball, K. (1998). Parent Assessment Manual. Truro: Trecare NHS Trust.

Publications and conference papers
Psychological research only:

  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (2003). “Psychologist in the Family Court” New Law Journal, vol. 153.
  • Mapstone, E.R. & Harris, P. (1985). “Is the English present progressive unique?” Journal of Child Language, 12, 433-41.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1985). A general theory of verbal communication. Discussion paper, Oxford University.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1990). Rational men and disagreeable women: The social construction of argument. Paper presented in the symposium The Social Construction of Gender, London Conference of the British Psychological Society, City University, London, 17 December.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1992). Stereotypes in diary accounts. Paper presented to the 25th International Congress of Psychology, Brussels, 24 July.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1992). Human relations. Invited keynote paper in a forum on relationships between men and women, Nuffield College, Oxford, November. Commentary by Professor Donal Carbaugh, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1992). Stereotypes in diary accounts of argument. Paper presented to the 25th International Congress of Psychology, Brussels, 24 July.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1993). Against separatism. Invited paper in Wilkinson, S. & Kitzinger, C. (eds),  Heterosexuality: A Feminism & Psychology Reader. London: Sage.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1993). Reassessing my own heterosexuality. Paper presented to a workshop on Heterosexuality: Developing feminist psychological theory, Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society, Birmingham, April.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1993). On disagreeing and being disagreeable: gender stereotypes in argument diaries. Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the Psychology of Women Section, British Psychological Society, Sussex University, Brighton, July.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1995). Rational men and conciliatory women: graduate psychologists construct accounts of argument. Feminism & Psychology, 5(1), 61-83.
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (1995). Communicating Specialist Knowledge. In Language for the Eye, edited by George Montgomery. Edinburgh: Scottish Workshop Publications.
  • Mapstone, E.R. (1996) Division of labour in the social construction of argument. British Journal of Social Psychology, 35, 219-31.
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (2001). Psychology and your heart. Booklet for Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, North Cornwall Primary Care, NHS Trust.
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (2001). Mind over matter: How to harness the power of your thoughts – and think yourself well. Booklet for Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, North Cornwall Primary Care.
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (2004). Stop Dreaming, Start Living. London: Vermilion, 2004.

Translation of books and academic articles. Selected titles:

  • Levels of Explanation in Social Psychology, by Willem Doise. 1986. Cambridge University Press.
  • “Social marking in cognitive operations,” chapter by Paola De Paolis, Willem Doise & Gabriel Mugny, in  Current Issues in European Social Psychology, vol.2, edited by W. Doise & S. Moscovici. 1988. Cambridge University Press.
  • “Paradoxical effects of categorization in minority influence: when being an out-group is an advantage,” by Juan A. Perez & Gabriel Mugny, for European Journal of Social Psychology
  • “Theories, postulates and beliefs in the study of intergroup relations,” chapter by Willem Doise, in  Attitudes, Opinions and Representation: Social Psychological Analyses of Widespread Beliefs, edited by C. Fraser & G. Gaskell. Cambridge University Press.

Selected Book Reviews (essays only)

  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (1992). Rational faith? Review of The Skills of Argument by Deanna Kuhn. In The Psychologist, 5 (8), 368.
  • Mapstone, E. R. (1996). The V.I. Warshawski Series by Sara Paretsky. Essay review in Feminism & Psychology, 6 (2), 324-328
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (1998). Language and Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, edited by Sara Mills. Essay review in Feminism & Psychology, 8(4), 491-519.
  • Mapstone, Elizabeth (2000). Sarratt and the Draper of Watford by John le Carré and other unlikely stories… In Oxford: the Journal of the Oxford Society, 52 (1).

Selected editorial matter from  The Psychologist

Selected editorials:

  • Metamorphosis of The Bulletin. January 1988.
  • Psychology and AIDS. February 1988.
  • The lay view of psychology. July 1988.
  • Nature or nurture. September 1988.
  • A new acid test for Milgram? October 1988.
  • Defending freedom of speech. November 1988.
  • Secrets, security and freedom. March 1989.
  • On being at a disadvantage. September 1990.
  • Introduction to special issue on animal experimentation. May 1991.
  • After perestroika: psychology in Eastern Europe. January 1992.
  • Psychology in South Africa: establishing the context. April 1993.
  • A Farewell to Arms. December 1993


  • The new Renaissance woman: profile of Lea Pearson. January 1988.
  • Gender: a thorny issue. January 1988.
  • Seeking to communicate science: Profile of John Graham Beaumont.
  • One year on. January 1989.
  • How do psychologists do it? January 1990.
  • Images of psychology. October 1991.
  • Out of the mouths of babes. August 1992.
  • Taking a worldwide view. September 1992
  • How to Write for The Psychologist. December 1993

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