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It’s been a long time…

I did not expect to be away quite so long! Ill-health – or rather the ills that beset Old Age – dogged me over the summer, and I began to think that my tag-line It’s not too late might after … Continue reading

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A Personal View of the Beleaguered NHS

I have not written a blog for a long time now, and that is principally because I was anxious to complete my new novel The Porcupine’s Dilemma and gave myself an arbitrary deadline of Easter. The Book is done. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Truth and literary fiction?

Today, as I waded through a flood of emails from Books and Writers Groups, I stumbled upon a contribution I’d like to share with you. On a Linked-In discussion group,  Jamaluddin Jamali, wrote: “A ‘Literary Romance’ Shows the Mind of … Continue reading

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Time for Reflection

Time now for a break from my current obsession with The Amazon’s Girdle. Almost all the reviews I’ve seen are five star, which is wonderful, and I am so grateful to everyone who posted on amazon’s website, or on Goodreads. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women at St John’s

Just back from a great celebration of 2000 women at St John’s College, Oxford. Somewhat disconcerting to consider that 2000 men at St John’s was a milestone reached several hundred years ago, while the first women were only admitted in … Continue reading

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Woof… sigh…woooof!

It is amazing me how long it takes for this Old Dog to learn the trick of posting entries on my new website. How can it be that difficult? I know how to use a keyboard, I’ve visited thousands of … Continue reading

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Must a writer be young?

I was 6 when decided to be a writer.  World War II was in full swing, and my father was away in the army, so I planned to cheer him up when he couldn’t be at home, by creating books … Continue reading

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